Jennifer Cardamone, LCSW

Jennifer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who in addition to providing tele-psychotherapy currently provides wrap around services connecting families with a vast variety of community partnerships and providing psychotherapy for adolescents and their families within the Albany City Public School System. 

Jennifer believes in meeting and starting with the client where they are at, harm reduction, systems perspective, client centered approach, using empirically proven treatment methods- adapting them to the individual, and empowering each client to gain and internalize the tools to create and reach their own goals. Jennifer has also always been the biggest cheerleader for the underdog. 

Jennifer started her journey to become a Social Worker at the age of 18 when she found herself living in a women’s shelter in Troy, NY. It was there that a Social Worker taught her the tools to succeed with any goal she wanted to achieve, and to undo years of not loving herself. 

Over the past 20 years Jennifer has worked with adolescents, families, persons with developmental disabilities, persons with pervasive and persistent mental illness, members of the LGBTQ community, and families of all make ups. 

When Jennifer has down time, she finds peace in laughing until it hurts, sitting on the porch watching her chickens with her daughter, finding beauty in nature, and DIY projects.




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