Elvira Horbata, MHC Intern

(Elvira is under the clinical supervision of Kelly Benjamin, LMHC and Timothy Crumley, LMHC, private practice)

Elvira Horbata is an intern with Common Sense Wellness Network. She graduated from the University at Albany with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in neuroscience. Currently, she is in her Mental Health Counseling program, working towards her master’s degree.

Mental health has always been a passion for Elvira. Life comes with many hardships, and there’s no denying that facing those challenges alone can be difficult. Elvira creates a safe space to discuss the hardships and struggles that one endures. She helps address these struggles and find ways to persevere. Elvira believes that using a strengths-based approach can help individuals discover their true capabilities, bringing more meaning into their lives. With that being said, she helps foster resilience so that her clients can unlock their full potential.

Elvira focuses on building therapeutic relationships with her clients, demonstrating empathy and maintaining full engagement. She is dedicated to providing an inclusive environment for individuals of all demographics and walks of life, irrespective of background, ethnicity, gender, or life experiences.