Ashley Whiteside, LMSW

Ashley is a LMSW under the supervision of Lauren Jacobs, LCSW.

Ashley is a healer of self and others and lover of humanity. She believes that choosing to heal is a radical act of self-love. Once we take the time to learn and heal ourselves and our wounds we can emerge toward collective empowerment. She is a trained Social Worker currently working in day treatment with youth in a school setting who have mental health and developmental disabilities. Ashley has experience working with diverse populations but her main focus is supporting the needs of girls, women, and communities of color. She is fueled by her passion to help black and brown girls and women to achieve their dreams through education. She believes that education in any form is the gateway to creating a full life that can lift families and future generations out of poverty and struggle.

Ashley considers herself a “student of life” consistently learning from the world around her. She works with others to rediscover, redefine, and effectively utilize their power to live a fulfilling life through education, awareness, discovery of self, and accountability. She works with individuals to recognize their multi-faceted nature and show compassion to each version of themselves.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys taking adventures in new places, being out in nature, and reading good books.